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Story Fundamentals

A learning program for new and emerging romance writers

Want to learn how to write a romance novel with depth and meaning?
You’ve come to the right place.
My Story Fundamentals program may be just what you need.


The dream.

Do you dream of writing an engaging romance novel with all the feels?

Imagine how it would feel to nail all the big picture elements of a story,

To hold in your hands a foolproof plan for writing that novel,

And to impress the pants off everyone you know with your storytelling skills.

Imagine if you could do this without being hindered by

Your lack of confidence or storytelling know-how,

Or the little seed of doubt in your mind that says you could never make it as a writer.

The possibilities.

What would you say if I told you it’s possible to achieve your dream?

It is possible to write a novel that touches lives and makes readers feel.

And, in doing so, you will feel as if you’re doing what you were born to do.

Wondering what it would take to achieve this?

The solution.

Let me introduce you to my Story Fundamentals program!

In my Story Fundamentals program,

I utilise a specific method for helping romance writers plan a novel with depth and meaning.

By guiding you through a sixteen-step process, I can help you to:

feel proud of producing a comprehensive and easy-to-follow plan for writing your manuscript,

find fulfilment in constructing a strong foundation for a story that means something,

and triumph over your struggles to learn the mysteries surrounding the romance story-writing process.

The benefits.

By signing up to the Story Fundamentals program,

you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of what makes a good story and how to construct one.

You’ll uncover the heart of your story concept and plan a novel your readers will connect with.

And your newfound knowledge and storytelling skills will motivate you beyond belief.

The Story Fundamentals program will provide you with:


You’ll work through the story-planning process much faster and with more depth than you ever have before. And you can do so AT YOUR OWN PACE!


You’ll have the opportunity to receive regular feedback to help you iron out those big picture issues before you write a word of your first draft.


We can chat via video, email or direct messaging to work through issues and identify how to keep you moving toward your goal.

The coach.

You may be wondering who I am and how I’m qualified to offer this service.

Well, to put it simply . . .

I fell in love with story as an eight-year-old.

Story and the romance genre have been my passions ever since.

I spent three years as the Commissioning Editor of Romance for a boutique publishing company,

but story development is where my passion as an editor lies. 

I have a background in teaching and provide honest and constructive feedback,

but always deliver it with compassion and understanding.

I trained as a book coach and have tailored my services to the meet needs of my clients.

The testimonials.

By enrolling in Story Fundamentals everything is going to change for you.

These are just some of the ways my program is impacting writers’ lives:

“As an up-and-coming romance writer, I have found Libby to be an amazing book coach. Her step by step guidance in working through the fundamentals of storytelling and her structured technique have both been instrumental in inspiring me to be a better writer.”

MIA JACKSON – aspiring romance author

“Libby is dedicated to making each story the best it can be; she guides me to hone my strengths and build on my weaknesses without destroying my confidence. Libby has encouraged me every step of the way to be a better writer. I love that her feedback points out what works as well as what could be improved. I’m looking forward to being the writer I will become under her patience and guidance.”

VIKKI HOLSTEIN – Author of the White Wattle Creek series

“When my writing partner decided to give up writing, I was left feeling disheartened, abandoned, and on my own. I considered quitting. Instead, I made a bold move. I hired Libby, and from our very first video chat, I knew she and I were destined to work together. Libby’s program has been a game-changer for me, guiding me to find the heart of my story and its characters. Our one-on-one sessions are enhanced by her confident, easygoing manner and extensive knowledge of the world of romance writing. Libby has made me part of a team again and retaining her services was the best decision of my career.”

M. GOLDSMITH – Author of the Guardians of the Elements series

The point of difference.

Because of the way the romance story-writing process is broken down in the program,

with each step scaffolded on the last,

you’ll construct a strong foundation for a story that will capture the heart of its readers.

You’ll learn how a story, its characters, and the central romance should develop,

and how that development ensures a well-paced and engaging novel.

You’ll have the chance to brainstorm and problem solve

with an experienced romance writer and editor,

one who specialises in story development.

The content.

The Story Fundamentals program is broken down into three parts.

In Story Fundamentals #1: The Basics, you’ll explore romance tropes,

identify your story’s themes and uncover its heart, and craft engaging main characters.

In Story Fundamentals #2: The Framework, you’ll create romantic conflict,

explore the emotional connection between your protagonist and the love interest,

and identify what the main subplots will be.

And in Story Fundamentals #3: The Roadmap, you’ll outline a meaningful and engaging plot

that will serve as your roadmap for writing your novel from beginning to end.

The support.

I’m a developmental editor and book coach

who helps new and emerging romance writers

improve their storytelling skills

so they can write the kind of story they’ve always dreamed of writing.

But because we all learn differently, our comfort zones vary,

and the money we’re willing to invest, in ourselves and in our writing, differs,

I provide varying options for accessing the program,

meaning you can choose the one that meets your needs as a writer and accounts for your budget.

Your options.


Start your journey to learning how to write a story with heart by taking my Story Fundamentals self-paced courses.

Purchase one course at a time or all three in the series at once — either way you’ll get access to premium content and be offered the chance to get feedback and one-on-one coaching (see below)!

PLUS, get detailed workbooks and access to the RTP Academy Facebook group!

Each course is AUD $60 — or get all three for $150!

Woman taking a self-paced course from home
Woman giving written feedback


At strategically placed points throughout the series of Story Fundamentals courses, you will be given the opportunity to submit your completed workbooks for detailed and personalised editorial feedback.

The feedback you receive will guide you in strengthening the major elements of your story concept before you dive into writing the first (or next) draft of your manuscript.

PLUS, get great tips for reviewing your feedback!

Each round of feedback is AUD $165 — or get all five for $750!


After receiving your editorial feedback, if you need clarification or want a knowledgable buddy to brainstorm with, we can chat during a 60-minute debrief session via video call (or instant messenger or email).

There are five opportunities to debrief throughout the series of Story Fundamentals courses. And the best part is, you have the freedom to schedule sessions only when further help is required.

PLUS, get recordings of your video calls — no need to take notes!

Each session is AUD $100.

Woman participating in a video call

Not sure which option is best for you?

Libby M Iriks

Want to know more?

Still not sure whether I’m the right book coach for you? Good on you! It’s important to be cautious when hiring a professional to help you with something as precious as your book baby. Let me share more about myself and my approach to coaching.

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