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The key to writing the book of your dreams is simple.

Do you dream about writing a story that means something? The kind of romance novel that will stay in readers’ hearts and minds long after they’ve finished the book?

I get it. I understand. You want to write a story with heart.

But if the words you’re putting on the page or the pages you’re revising don’t resemble the story you know is inside you, don’t despair. I can help. All you need to do is take action by choosing one of the options below . . .

Libby M Iriks, Romance Book Coach
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Get the free guide

If you’ve finished or are close to finishing the first draft of your romance manuscript and you’re looking for guidance in the steps you should take to revise it, then you’ll want to get your hands on this free guide. Inside is a Pre-Developmental Editing Checklist containing five things you MUST do before revising your manuscript, as well as the ten steps you should follow to improve an early draft.

Watch the complimentary coaching video

Suffering from writer’s block or imposter syndrome? This 20-minute coaching video will help you get unstuck. Explore the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your dream, learn how to overcome them, and get motivated to take action towards achieving your writing goals.

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Work with me

If you need guidance and support to write or revise the story that’s in your heart, consider working with me. I deliver self-paced courses, provide written feedback on assignments, and offer beta reading, developmental editing and one-on-one coaching to help my clients achieve their writing goals.

Who am I?

Hello, fabulous romance writer! My name is Libby M Iriks, and I’m a romance book coach. I help romance authors who want to write stories with heart.

I’m a developmental editor and writing coach who provides self-paced courses, expert editorial feedback, and one-on-one support to new and emerging romance writers so they can improve their storytelling skills and write the kind of story they’ve always dreamed of writing.

Feel free to stick around, explore the free resources and blog articles, and learn more about me and how I can help you.

Libby M Iriks | Romance Book Coach
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