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Libby M Iriks

Libby M Iriks

Romance Book Coach

Helping romance authors write stories with heart.

Libby M Iriks is a developmental editor and author coach who provides self-paced courses, expert editorial feedback, and one-on-one support to new and emerging romance writers so they can improve their storytelling skills and write the kind of story they’ve always dreamed of writing.

What sparked her passion?

Libby M Iriks fell in love with story as an eight-year-old, when she sat wide-eyed, listening to her teacher read Charlotte’s Web. Even then, the aspect of the story that had her most engrossed was the off-the-page romance developing between Fern and Henry Fussy. She absorbed every word of that book, and ever since, story and the romance genre have been her passions — passions she combined when she became a romance book coach.

When Libby embarked on this career, she worked for a boutique publishing company and spent three years as the Commissioning Editor of Romance. During that time, she coached authors through every stage of the book production process, helping them to develop and polish their manuscripts from early drafts through to the final proofread. However, she discovered that story development is where her passion as an editor lies. 

There is no greater reward for me than when I can help an author fall head-over-heels in love with her own story.

libby m iriks | romance book coach

With a background in education, Libby channels her teaching skills when working with clients to ensure they understand the why as well as the how, and to let them know what they’re doing right as well as where they need to improve. She provides honest and constructive feedback but  always delivers it with compassion and understanding.

Libby decided to focus her efforts on helping authors with story development because she noticed that many of her clients were hungry for ongoing support; they wanted to be guided through the process of improving and strengthening their stories. So she trained as a book coach and tailored her services to the meet needs of her clients. Today, Libby M Iriks is a book coach who helps romance authors write stories with heart.

What makes her a good book coach?

Libby M Iriks is a strategic thinker. Her strengths keep her focused on what a story could be. She is constantly absorbing and analysing information to help her clients make better decisions when it comes to their manuscripts.

According to the CliftonStrenths® assessment, her top ten strengths are: 

  1. Learner: “I have a great desire to learn what makes a good story great. I want to continuously improve as an editor and coach, so I engage in regular professional development.”
  2. Intellection: “I prefer intellectual activity, so I love immersing myself in a story and identifying ways in which it can be strengthened and improved.”
  3. Achiever: “I have a great deal of stamina and work hard to be the best book coach I can possibly be. I’m on a mission to help as many romance writers on their journey as I can.”
  4. Deliberative: “I take serious care when analysing a story and put a considerable amount of thought and effort into the feedback I give clients.”
  5. Relator: “I have a keen sense of what might be holding my clients back, and I find deep satisfaction in working hard with them to achieve their writing goals.”
  6. Responsibility: “I take my job seriously. I am honoured when a writer trusts me to help them improve their story, and I don’t take the responsibility lightly.”
  7. Discipline: “I enjoy routine and structure, and I have infused those qualities into my courses to ensure a high-quality learning experience for my clients.”
  8. Analytical: “I look at a story from all angles and deeply analyse its core elements. If I feel something isn’t working in a manuscript, I won’t rest until I’ve identified what’s causing the issue.”
  9. Focus: “I see both the little details and big picture. From broad themes to sneaky little plot holes, I can discern what areas of a manuscript can be improved.”
  10. Maximiser: “I focus on helping clients recognise their strengths while aiming for excellence. I strive to help them transform a strong manuscript into one that’s superb.”

What does she believe?

I believe that stories have the power to change lives.” When a story is written and constructed well, it speaks to the heart and soul of the reader. It helps them make sense of the world in which they live, gives them courage to face life’s challenges, and, in the case of romance stories, inspires hope that everyone is deserving of love and respect. 

I believe that romance novels make the world a better place.” They bring readers joy, happiness and connection. They provide an escape from the everyday, bringing light where there is often darkness.

“I believe that romance writers are destined to take over the world.” Romance writers are a fierce bunch; incredibly loyal to their own kind and protective of their genre. It is this fire and grit that Libby believes can drive any aspiring or emerging author to establish a long and successful career in the romance writing industry. Sometimes they might just need a helping hand to get there.

Mission statement

Libby M Iriks is on a mission to help new and emerging romance authors write stories that have the power to change lives. She wants to provide support and guidance to authors and help them fill the world with the kind of books that bring readers joy, happiness and connection. She wants to help romance authors build a strong foundation for a long and successful career in the publishing industry — she wants to help them take over the world!

Libby will strive to achieve her mission by guiding her clients to a deeper understanding of how stories work. She will support them as they develop their craft and grow as authors. She will help them to cultivate their ideas and shape their manuscripts into stories of which they can be proud. And she will always advocate for romance writers and the romance genre in her personal and professional life.


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